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Our massage menu combines the therapeutic qualities of Ayurveda, the instant relief of Shiatsu, the decadence of Aromatherapy and the sensuousness of Swedish caress.

We offer Psychotherapy healing treatments using Energy Medicine and Hypnotherapy and can assist in the relief of physical ailments using soft and deep tissue techniques.


Reflexology (Feet and Ankles)

45 Mins LKR 3500
Firm massage concentrating on the important reflex points in the feet. Assists in the treatment of internal organs and systems which cannot be reached through conventional massage.

Head, Shoulder and Face Massage

30 Mins LKR 3500
Clears the mind, stimulates the glands and relaxes the neck muscles. Gently smoothes tired and worry lines.
Combination Treatment - 60 Mins LKR 6000

Full Body Relaxation Massage

90 Mins LKR 7000
The smooth flowing strokes and warm oils will ease tension and tiredness. Our soft tissue technique will gently unlock tense muscles and tired joints and will help regain that sense of well being. A truly sensuous experience.

Deep Cure Massage

90 Mins LKR 7500
Combines soft tissue massage with the use of finger pressure healing (Shiatsu). Balancing the positive and negative energy forces will help heal and prevent disorders such as asthma, high blood pressure, migraine and digestive issues. Includes Reflexology. The ultimate de-stress and detox treatment.

Sports Injury Therapy

60 Mins LKR 5000
Designed to relieve minor injuries caused by surfing and over-exertion. Pain-relief oils are applied to neck, shoulders, lower back and thighs with a deep tissue massage and stretching exercises.

Weight Control Package

120 Mins LKR 8000
Our specially designed massage treatment will loosen and dispel unwanted fat around the body’s mid regions and clean the blood vessels of harmful cholesterol. Includes sessions in our Hydrotherapy jacuzzi and Swedish sauna.
Morning and evening classes are conducted in association with our neighbours, Lust Yoga and Surf

Pamper Pack

120 Mins LKR 9500
A rejuvenating sandlewood and venivel scrub followed by a dry sauna and a relaxing body and face massage using an aloe vera gel.

Couples Pamper Pack

120 Mins - 2 Persons LKR 16000

Enjoy our Pamper Pack with someone special.

Gift vouchers available.


Sunburn Relief Therapy

60 Mins LKR 5000

Consists of a body wrap using cool lavender infused towels, icy yoghurt scrub and a gentle aloe vera massage.


Energy Medicine

45 Mins LKR 4000

A non-contact therapy, which cleans and revitalizes the energy points (chakras) which may be unbalanced due to emotional, intestinal and other physical ailments. Includes consultation.



60 Mins LKR 5000

While experiencing the feelings of calmness and deep relaxation the sub conscious mind becomes receptive to positive suggestion. This can help control emotional issues, addictions and relationship problems and to instill self-confidence.


Elakizhi Ayurvedic Treatment

60 Mins LKR 6000

Warm herb and oil filled parcels are applied to the body to help expel toxins caused by many day to day ailments. This will enhance flexibility, strengthen muscles and leave the skin, soft and brilliant.


Urut Batin (Manhood Therapy)

60 Mins LKR 6000

An excusive man to man therapy for men who require rejuvenation, energy and self-confidence. A traditional Indo/Malay therapy to encourage growth, stamina and self-control using oils applied to the mid-body region. Includes consultation and thirty minute massage using East Asian remedial oils.


Combination of Urut Batin and Relaxation Massage

90 Mins LKR 7500

Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi and Swedish Sauna

60 Mins LKR 3000

If added to any of the above treatments 1500

Detox Package LKR 16000
Over two days this treatment will help expell toxins and excess fat and fluids from the system. Includes weight loss package and Ayurveda natural medicines to cleanse the digestive system. Concludes with herbal body scrub and facial.

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